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Clothes in ClosetSpringtime has arrived at Cobbler Square Lofts, apartments in Chicago. As residents start to pack away their winter coats and heavy clothes, this is the time of the year that many begin their spring cleaning ritual. This annual tradition is an opportunity to do more than dust and clean. Indeed, for many people, spring cleaning coincides with the time of year that we organize and prioritize what we want to keep and things we may share with others.

Great Ways to Organize and Add Comfort in Your Apartment

Keep Similar Things Together

This is a wonderful time to consolidate all of your coats and heavy clothes in one place, rather than having them spread throughout closets and rooms. That way, when cooler temperatures return, we will remember what we already have and not have to hunt for that scarf we always wear with our favorite jacket. Save room with space bags that allow you to use a vacuum to remove the air and "seal" items in a compact manner. These airtight bags can fit comfortably in plastic storage bins.

Donate or Discard Items You No Longer Plan to Use

If you have not worn those boots in a few years, decide whether they are worth keeping. For gently-worn materials in good condition, a great option is to donate them to shelters, thrift stores, animal rescue organizations, or other places that can find a great use for clothes, linens, and other items.

Organize Other Items Beyond Winter Clothes

Aside from that thick coat, look for other areas around your apartment where things are no longer needed or useful. Do you plan to read those magazines sitting on your nightstand since last December? This is also a great time to check foods in your refrigerator and pantry to see if they are beyond their "use by" date and ensure freshness. Don't forget to check the spices in the cabinet to see if that sage and paprika are worth keeping.

A great option in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood, Cobbler Square Lofts offers comfortable apartment living close to the heart of the city. Contact our office or call (866) 882-2242 to learn more about our floor plans.

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