5 Health and Wellness Father’s Day Gifts

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Hiking BootsAre you planning on hosting your dad in your Chicago apartment this Father’s Day? Why not take the opportunity to give your dad something that will not only make him happy, but will help keep him healthy. These five Father’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to express your appreciation for all he’s done for you.

1. Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar is something that your dad can use at home or in his private office. It requires no special hardware to install, and stores away easily in the closet when not in use. Your dad will enjoy using the pull-up bar to increase his upper-body strength.

2. Gym Bag

Even if your dad already has a gym bag, chances are it’s seen better days. A brand new gym bag will be just the thing to inspire him to hit the gym more often. Plus, you can fill it with some useful accessories as a bonus, such as a water bottle, shower gel, and towel.

3. Hiking Boots/Shoes

If your dad enjoys hiking, what better way to support his hobby than with a nice, new pair of hiking boots/shoes? Later in the day, the two of you can hike around the neighborhoods of your Chicago, Illinois, apartment together.

4. Food Delivery Subscription

If dad has a hard time making healthy meal choices, you can help him out by gifting him with a food delivery subscription. There are many companies that will send him nutritiously prepared meals in a box, and all he has to do is heat them up.

5. Massage Gift Card

Massages have been proven to have therapeutic health benefits. The action of a massage helps to release toxins from the body, as well as to make the body more limber, which in turn helps prevent injuries during exercise. A massage gift card is a great gift for dads of all ages, and it’s certainly something that your dad is not likely to purchase for himself.

Celebrating Father’s Day at our Chicago apartments is even more fun when you present him with one of these health and wellness gifts. To learn more about the floor plans available at Cobbler Square Lofts, please contact us today.

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