Go Green With These Energy-Saving Apartment Tips

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Keeping the energy use down in your Chicago, IL apartment is vital to not only saving on your energy bills but also to helping to lower your carbon footprint. The good news is going green and taking control of the energy use in your apartment is easy with a few simple steps.

Set Your Thermostat Lower When You Are Away

A few degrees can go a long way to lower your energy use, and in turn, your utility bills. When you will be away from your apartment for an extended period of time, such as when you go to work or leave for vacation, set the thermostat ten degrees lower than your comfort temperature. Once you return how it should not take too long to get the apartment back up to temperature, and the few minutes it's cold is worth the amount you will save.

Keep Your Electronics Connected to a Power Strip

Even when they aren't in use, electronics draw a considerable amount of energy. Investing in a power strip or bar is not only a good way to protect your electronics in the event of a power surge, but it can also be a powerful energy saving tool. When you leave the house or are not using the electronics, all you have to do is the flip one switch, and you can cut the power to all the of them at once reducing the amount of wasted power being used.

Switch to LED Bulbs

The light bulbs you have in your apartment may be drawing more energy than is necessary to properly light your home. Simply switch out your traditional bulbs for some LED ones. While the crossover may seem a costly expense at first, you will save a considerable amount on your utility bills and also on replacement bulbs due to the fact that LED bulbs will last significantly longer. Always remember to turn off your lights as you leave the room.

Saving energy is simple by following the few energy saving tips listed above. Want to test out your new energy saving skills on a new apartment? Contact Cobbler Square Loft Apartments today to check out floorplans.

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