It’s Decluttering Time: 3 Things to Throw Out This Spring

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That polar vortex was no joke, and we're sure most of the residents at our Chicago apartments are eager for the warm weather of spring to arrive. But while it may not quite be time to break out the barbecue kits, it is a good time to start getting your home cleared out and beckon in those warm spring winds. Don't know where to start? Check out this quick list of some common items most of us have lying around that we could clear out to make space for things to come:

Expired Makeup and Forgotten Bath Products

Makeup and many bath products are certainly not cheap, and yet if you haven't used a particular shade of eye shadow for three months, it might be time to let it go. This is especially true for products edging close or past their expiration date. So go on, grab the trash can, pull out the drawers and start throwing things out. 

Old Electronics

Are there a couple old Nokias hiding in your junk drawer? What about a tablet you got two Christmases ago but never really used? Whatever the case, now is a great time to start clearing out the old and unused electronic gadgets. The bonus part of this decluttering tip is that many electronics can be sold to a pawn store or private seller for some cold hard cash. Just remember to wipe all your data and memory from any phone, tablet, computer or similar device. If your devices are too old to be worth anything, look into safe places to recycle them.

Old Magazines and Older Books

Getting rid of books is likely the hardest thing on our list, but for those who live in constrained square footage, it's often an overdue necessity. The good news is you don't have to make any hasty decisions. Well, at least not with your books. You should consider tossing any magazine you haven't picked up in the last month. For books, however, once a month consider picking out two books you haven't read and don't plan on reading anytime soon and passing them on.

Need Help with Cleaning? Let Us Help

Once you're done with the big items, if you're in need of more professional cleaning help, let us know. Our front staff at the Cobbler Square Lofts have a list of some excellent professional cleaners who'll help get your Chicago apartment looking pristine. 

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