Cutting Down the Clutter: Storage Ideas For Your Apartment

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Living in Chicago apartments often means being tight on space, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Even if you find a spacious layout with ample closet space, storage is still a rare commodity. Instead of squeezing into your new home without an inch to spare, it may be time to cut the clutter. Here are some helpful steps to make your apartment feel more spacious!

Decide Where to Start 

It’s easier to get rid of stuff you don’t need before you start looking for new apartments in Chicago. Look through your belongings and determine which rooms will be most in need of attention, such as the kitchen, office or bedroom. Resist the urge to tackle every area at once. Instead, focus on one space at a time.  

Take Stock 

Once you’ve found your problem spaces, pull out every item in that area. Toss items you haven’t used in the past year and set aside seasonal items for storage. Focus on getting rid of little-used items and sorting. 

Start Purging 

Clutter usually consists of the forgotten, broken and unused items of daily life. To make the biggest dent in the most-efficient manner, focus on these items first. For most people, this involves getting rid of: 

  • Empty bags, boxes, mail, wrappers, and receipts 
  • Duplicate items that aren’t needed unless used frequently, such as cotton balls or printer ink  
  • Broken items that don’t work or missing pieces 
  • Sentimental items 
  • Things that don’t fit, including shoes and clothing, as well as rugs, furniture or home items that are too big for your new Chicago apartment 
  • Expired products such as food, medicine, and hygiene items 

 Organize Your Storage 

Use boxes, bins, and baskets to organize the items you’ve chosen to keep. Store them in areas such as under furniture or behind cabinet doors to hide them from view. The point of de-cluttering is to make your space look clean and welcoming. Make use of armoires and other closed cabinets. Put seasonal items in a closet or in storage. The less you see, the more open your space will feel. 
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