4 Tips for Reducing Clothes Closet Clutter

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You go to your clothes closet every day to get a new outfit — or perhaps multiple times a day for various types of outfits and other things you need for your daily life. But think about how often you actually clean your closet. Do you clean or organize it as often as you do your bedroom or kitchen? Probably not. 

So, what happens? Closet clutter buildup. With time, you’ll find that piles start accumulating in your closet and important items go missing. However, things you never use are front and center, and your closet begins extending out into your bedroom. 

This is bad! But it can be fixed. Just use these tips:

Figure Out What It Is You Really Wear

Deciding which items you regularly wear can be tough and may take a few hours to determine. Set aside some time, go through your entire wardrobe (trying on clothing as needed), and put all the things that you know you don’t wear into a box. Label this box with the date and put it into storage (or at least take it out of your closet). 

If you never dig into this box to get anything out, take it as a sign that you may not ever use these things in the future either.

Label Boxes And Drawers

If you have dressers, boxes or bins in your closet, label them — even if you're sure you'll remember what's inside.

Designate A Unique Spot For Everything You Use

When it comes to things that aren't hanging up in your closet, never lump two categories of items together. For example, keep your underwear separate from your socks and your tights and pantyhose separate from your scarves.

Invest In A Shoe Organizer

It’s easy to assume that you'll keep your shoes lined up neatly at the bottom of your closet, but when did this ever really happen? It’s much wiser to invest in a hanging shoe organizer or a shoe rack to help you keep all of your footwear organized.

Make your Chicago apartment closet much easier to use with these tips! And if you’re looking for Chicago apartments, give our office a call. Floor plans are currently available!

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