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The Best Spring Smoothies to Make Now

Take full advantage of spring’s bounty with these spring smoothie recipes. Gather fresh ingredients at markets near your Chicago apartments. Make extra portions and pour into a travel mug for an instant energy boost at the office. Just be sure to enjoy it chilled. Gazpacho Smoothie Gazpacho is a soup made of tomato, cucumber, bell peppers…

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4 Benefits That Come From Volunteering

We're always amazed at the cool ways the residents of our Chicago, IL apartments spend their free time. Plenty of the people in our community volunteer at various organizations all over the Windy City. Why do they do it? Everyone has their own reasons, but here are some of our favorite benefits we've heard people talking about (in…

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How to Keep an Apartment Clutter-Free

Dealing with clutter doesn't have to be difficult. These tried and proven tips will help you not only get rid of clutter but also prevent it from accumulating in the first place. Set Aside Times to Get Rid of Unused Items Set aside time to go through your belongings and get rid of items you…

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